Wednesday, December 11, 2019

12:16 AM
Popularized by Carl Jung, the theory of archetypes is becoming increasingly more relevant to us. With each Archetype as something that we can resonate with, it is easy to say that these archetypes give us a sense of purpose and meaning. 

However, most of these archetypes are often perceived from a theoretical level. Instead of looking for actual ways to apply them, people often simply read about the archetypes and forget them the next day. 

As such, even if you gained some sort of higher understanding, such knowledge will be lost when not put into practice. Because you lack the actual skills to put things into motion, they will become nothing more than a mere passing thought that ends up being a thing of the past. 

Thus, the way to go is to apply them to reality. By pointing out concrete ways of manifesting the archetypes, it becomes a lot easier for you to think of how you can slowly integrate them into your life.

With that, in this article, we’ll be giving out five effective ways to apply the theory of archetypes in real life!


1. Read about the Archetypes

First off, reading about the archetypes is the most effective way to apply them to real life. After all, how can you apply something that you know nothing about?

While this may sound common and repetitive, I still cannot stress enough how important this point is. More often than not, people who read about the archetypes only end up reading a few paragraphs about it. Instead of researching these blueprints of one's life, they give little to no value to it.

As such, the way to go is to dedicate your time and effort in unravelling the extensive secrets of the Archetype. By doing so, you gain knowledge of all the 12 archetypes of Jung and know when and which of them are currently manifesting.

2. Identify which Archetype you resonate with the most.

Often not stressed enough, the fact about archetypes is that all of them exist within us. Because each Archetype has its own function and value, knowing them all is necessary to properly identify which one is currently dominant.

In this case, archetypes can be dominant simply because one of them is taking precedence over the other. However, this doesn't mean that the other archetypes don't exist within us. Instead, a part of them is still there.

Thus, knowing which Archetype you resonate most is perhaps the most challenging part. Especially when you seem to display a good variety of archetypes, this task becomes even more complex. As such, pause, take a deep breath and slowly reflect on things constantly.

3. Self-analysis

As mentioned in the first two ways, knowing one's Archetype entails a lot of reading and assessing one's resonance. But more importantly, one must be capable of self-analysis.

Although this term is usually associated with Horney's notion of being able to assess one's neurosis, it is not limited to such. Self-analysis can simply be synonymous with reflection and critical analysis of oneself. Meaning, you can slowly do this by assessing your current state and indicating changes and the like.

By doing so, you can properly outline your traits. As such, it becomes a lot easier for you to apply the proper Archetype. To help you out, you can make use of a good combination of journaling and meditation as these two methods are proven ways to do self-analysis. 

4.Shadow Work

Being one of the specific ways to do self-analysis, shadow work is confronting your inner repressed notions of the self. When you make moral choices in life, these choices can contribute to some sort of repression, which makes it difficult for you to move forward. As it subtly influences your choices in life, these repressions make it even more difficult for you to push further.

For instance, if you are manifesting certain traits that you know are not consciously made decisions, it is a good signal that you need to look at and assess your shadow. By doing so, such repressed traits, like addictions or habits that you are unaware of, becomes recognized. 

By bringing out these shadows, you get to know yourself more. Instead of them quietly manifesting, recognizing such shadows will make it easier for you to identify certain root causes in your problems. Thus, you'll find it a lot easier to manifest the Archetype that you want.

5. Attract Positivity

Lastly, in order to properly apply archetypes in your life, you must make use of the law of attraction. With this law, you are positively influencing the universe to bring you closer to the Archetype that you seek to manifest.

By attracting positivity, you are matching actions with desire. As you do so, such desire becomes part of the bigger universe, which makes it even more possible to manifest.

As such, you are filling your subconscious thoughts with the archetype manifestation that you want. In this case, the Archetype manifests far easier as it is being empowered both by conscious and subconscious thought. Over time, it will be able to suppress the currently dominant one and essentially replace the values you actively exhibit.

As you utilize these methods, it becomes a lot easier for you to apply the theory of archetypes in your own life. By thinking of how you can integrate them in your own unique ways, manifesting the Archetype that you want becomes a lot easier. Just remember that these processes will take a long time and requires much patience and perseverance! 

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