Tuesday, November 1, 2016

12:02 AM
She found ‘Cloud 9’ in the Philippines!

When Sanne Sevig was 25 years old, she studied at the University of Skövde while being a project manager at a clothing company in Stockholm. In addition, she was managing her own company and lecturing all over Sweden—but life in Sweden was extremely stressful for her.

”I had too many things going on at once and was never satisfied”, Sanne says.

After several years of a stress-filled life she was showing the signs of fatigue. She couldn’t stand to be alone in silence and found it difficult to sleep at night.

”I was smoking at the time and I couldn’t even go out for a cigarette and be quiet during the two minutes it takes. I had a panic attack. It was so quiet and I felt like shit. Then came the feeling that I couldn’t live like this anymore”, Sanne says.

In 2012, she said: “I fainted in my car and drove off the road. Luckily, I suffered no physical injuries as a result of my accident. The day after, I quit my job and wrote on Facebook that I had decided to move abroad, and wondered if someone had something they could recommend. I got two answers. One was from a girl I was backpacking with several years earlier. She wrote that she had moved to Manila, and that I could stay with her for free. Four weeks later, I landed in Manila.”


She fell in love with the Philippines and decided to sell everything she had—and start a new life in the Philippines. The now 29-year-old woman put up a hostel in the beautiful island of Siargao in the Philippines, where she lives in peace and enjoys life every day without a worry!


As soon as she saw the island, she said: “When I came here, I was riding in a car from the airport, and had my nose pressed against the window and thought oh well, now I’ve found my home. I had not even had a single day on the job.”

H/T: Viral4real