Wednesday, November 23, 2016

9:42 PM

US President-elect Donald J Trump has visited the White House and was shown around by President Barack Obama, as is customary. He won’t be occupying the place until January, yet one man offered to take him there faster.  
That man is Mario Andretti, a motorsport living legend and, arguably, the most successful US racing driver of all times. 

He has won the 1978 Formula 1 championship, four IndyCar titles, IROC, the World Sportscar Championship, the Indianapolis 500… With a career that spans five decades, his accomplishments are just too many to list here. 
The, now retired, Italian American today tweeted this: 
Of course, that was a joke – right? 
Actually, it was a throwback to the actual ride Andretti gave Trump back in 2012, when the latter was hosting The Celebrity Apprentice reality show. Who would have thought that the same man would, only four years later, make a hell of a race to the Oval Office to become the 45th POTUS, huh? 
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