Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2:41 AM
California Residents Help Save Injured Coyote Found Roaming Alone

If you’ve ever stumbled upon an animal in the wild in need of assistance, you know exactly how heartbreaking it can be to witness their pain and not be able to help.

Of course there are plenty of cases where kind humans found themselves in the right spot at the right time to lend a much-needed hand to a critter, like when boaters discovered a young raccoon struggling to stay afloat all by himself in the water, or the time zoo employees freed a baby seal from a fishnet constricting him. However, when Malibu, CA, residents first came across the poor thing in the video below, they weren’t sure what is was in order to help it.

As one woman explains, she only caught a glimpse of the “strange creature” while out riding her horse, and her initial reaction was thinking she had spotted a wild anteater roaming the streets. Unfortunately, the truth was much more upsetting: a young coyote had somehow managed to get her head stuck inside a drainage tube. After she and several of her neighbors continued to see it suffering on its own, they made the call to California Wildlife Center.

Thankfully, they got to the sweet girl just in time. Her skittish nature didn’t make it easy as they spent three and a half days chasing her through the fields, but she was eventually able to be contained and brought in for proper treatment. If she hadn’t, it’s likely she would not have lasted more than another day or two in her condition.

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Source : Little Things