Monday, July 25, 2016

11:47 PM
Horse Saves Woman From A Life Of Abuse And Addiction
Phyllis fled an abusive home environment and ended up on the streets. She had an unhealthy marriage, went through a divorce, started drinking too much alcohol, and then, ended up in jail.

While in jail, Phyllis was allowed to go out to a farm using a day pass. During her outing, she met a cowboy who introduced her to a 3-year-old Arabian stallion named Charlie Brown. The horse had been abused, and Phyllis couldn’t stop thinking about him. “I walked in the barn and there was this skinny little horse with the biggest, saddest brown eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.” She quickly fell in love with Charlie Brown, and from then on, her dream was to own a horse.

When Phyllis got out of jail, she took the $300 she earned while imprisoned, went back to the farm, and bought Charlie Brown on the spot. She renamed him Shag-Ra.

Phyllis spent her days nursing Shag-Ra back to health on her farm in Canada, known as “God’s Little Acre.” All the while, an incredible transformation was taking place within Phyllis herself. Without even noticing, she had stopped drinking alcohol and regained her health and happiness. “All it took was the love of a horse,” she says.

Then, as an inseparable bond formed between Phyllis and Shag-Ra, she noticed her beloved horse was not only highly intelligent, but that he was trying to mimic her.

Phyllis and Shag-Ra’s story was far from over.

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Source : Little Things