Sunday, July 17, 2016

10:18 PM

Once again, a terrorist attack has shaken the world. During yesterday's Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France, a 31-year-old man drove a truck at high speed into a large crowd, killing at least 84 people. In the midst of the ensuing panic, a mother lost her 8-month-old baby Nathan in his stroller among the throngs of people. Full of desperation, a family member posted this photo on Facebook and made a call for help:

"WE JUST LOST THIS 8-MONTH-OLD BABY IN A BLUE STROLLER! FRIENDS FROM NICE, IF YOU HAVE SEEN OR TAKEN HIM IN, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!" she wrote under the photo of the little baby. Over 22,000 people shared the call for help. The following hours were probably the worst in Nathan's mother's life. But then she received a message from a mother, who found the baby and brought him to safety! The joyous Facebook status update:

"FOUND!!! A big thanks to Facebook and all those who helped us and sent words of support and encouragement. Unfortunately I cannot answer all your messages personally."

This story offers a little bit of hope after this painful tragedy. Sadly not everyone had the same good fortune as Nathan's family. Among the dead and injured, many are children who came to see the fireworks display at the seaside promenade with their parents. This video from an eyewitness shows how the truck drives at full speed into the crowd in order to kill as many people as possible:

It appears the world hardly has a moment to process all these tragedies before another takes place. Our thoughts are with all victims and their families in France.

Source : Hefty