Tuesday, December 22, 2015

6:50 AM
We bring you a recipe and a message from a lady from Cazin. In fact, she claims that she was alone cured rheumatism, when doctors would always reschedule and cancel.

The Doctors Failed, So Here is How to Cure Rheumatism, Trembling Hands (Recipe)- No Pain for 10 Years

Many times we were convinced that nature has offered far better solutions to our problems than pharmaceuticals, which are also more expensive and doesn’t always provide the desired results. This is one story that bears witness to this, and that confirms that the power of natural remedies is overwhelmed today because of recognized conventional treatments.

he pointed out her previous attempts to be treated by conventional methods, but there was no success.

These are her words on this subject:

“You will heal swollen tonsils with chestnut honey buttered on cloth and sprinkled with pepper, wrapped over the neck. Overnight tonsils will abruptly withdraw if it’s a real honey. I personally cured the rheumatism in my hands, followed by numbness of hands and a lot of pain mostly at night after the failure of doctors”.

Here’s the recipe:

•  Take 2 kg of a real meadow honey
•  1 liter of rainwater or distilled water and 250 grams of dried clover alfalfa
•  Cook for an hour on over low heat
•  When it’s cooked, drain it, mix with honey
•  Consume 2 tablespoons after meals 3 times a day.

After that, 10 years no tingling in your hands, there’s no night unbearable pain and waking, no dropping things out of hand … “she testified.