Monday, December 7, 2015

9:42 AM
wot so long ago, she purchased a home for her and her four children. Now Cherita Hooker has learned that the house was unfit to live in. It was in bad shape, even sinking into the ground.

But that wasn’t all that was on the single mom’s mind. Cherita’s son Ja’Mori suffers from kidney failure, and the many hospital visits and dialysis treatments have contributed to the family’s mounting bills.

The family was forced into homelessness.

“I just had to make really big sacrifices for him to give him the time he needed for treatments, surgeries,” said Cherita.

Sixteen-year-old Ja’Mori had one wish for Christmas.

“He told me, ‘I want a room, I want my room, I want my home,’” she said.

This special wish caught the attention of Stephanie Myers, founder of Parenting Children with Special Needs. Every year, the nonprofit organizes an event called “Santa’s Miracles,” a program that helps grant the wishes of children with chronic or terminal diseases. Myers was particularly touched by the family’s plight, as she has a son with kidney disease as well.

She says, “We don’t want to give them a place just to live. We want to give them a home. That place that gives you the ‘feel goods’ when you walk through the front door.”

Stephanie organized the renovation of the house, the biggest project the program has taken on to date! To goal is to have the house ready by Christmas, with the help of individual and company donations and volunteer work. Builders even say that they have never seen generosity on this level before.

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