Tuesday, September 15, 2015

12:01 AM
Homeless for the past seven years, fifty one year old former Marine Donald Gould unexpectedly had his life turned upside down when someone shot a video of him doing what he did every day: making magic for passerbys on a public piano. The video immediately went viral, taking the internet by storm. He was simply expressing himself without expecting anything in return, and karma finally rewarded him.

As a direct result of his sudden rise to internet stardom, a group of people who saw Gould’s story on youtube decided to give him a makeover of his appearance, and ultimately, his life. First, it’s off to the store to get a new wardrobe. Next, they take him to a barber shop to get a haircut and a fresh shave, his first in eighteen months. But that’s not all, they then give him something that will last much longer than a new shirt or a haircut.

Utilizing his incredible musical abilities, they were able to get him a job playing piano at a local restaurant, supplying him with a new lease on life that goes far beyond his appearance. He is now empowered to take his life by the reins and start fresh, which he accepts with open arms. His first desire is to reach out to his estranged son, taken from the from him after his life fell into ruins following the untimely death of his wife. He is hoping that the unexpected wave of attention that he is receiving will allow his son to come find him, and I sincerely hope his search is successful.

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