Thursday, September 17, 2015

9:04 AM

First there were artificial eggs from China and now plastic rice

Devastating news strike the world this morning revealing the truth about fake rice that is spreading through Asian continent. Major world media confirmed this news as they first started spreading as rumors among the users of Facebook and Whats App. A few days ago, these media revealed the story about artificial eggs from China ad now plastic rice takes the turn. We advise you to be very careful about what you buy and specially read the label on the products.

According to Asian local media, this type of rice first appeared in the India’s southern state Kerala. It is said that it originates from China but it has found its way into the Asian countries including India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The worst thing about this rice is that it comes mixed with normal rice and may be found in some famous brands. This is making it very hard to detect it and avoid it. People who consumed this kind of rice say that they have experienced stomach issues as a result.

According to experts, this rice is made from mixing potatoes, sweet potatoes and synthetic resign and it may damage the digestive system, import toxins in the body and even poison you. According to the media it has been on the market for a long time, first appearing in Taiyuan and Shaanxi. It is similar to normal rice and many people don’t even check it prior buying.

The Malaysian Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry firmly deny these rumors and say that their rice is perfectly safe for consumption. However, they add that although their production line is safe still there is a possibility that this fake rice got into their country by import and it is likely to be sold in small shops and not in large supermarkets.

Can we avoid this fake rice?

Although it is very difficult to recognize this rice in the shops, you may check its quality in your home. When cooked this rice remains hard and meals with it have specific taste different from the ordinary. Also when exposed to high heat it burns like plastic.