Thursday, December 3, 2020

10:19 PM


Holiday fitness

This is the season to eat, drink and watch your fitness level decrease. The holidays are notoriously brutal on our diet and fitness goals. From office parties to post-office countertops, high calorie foods are everywhere this time of year. Factor in all the seasonal stressors, and you’re playing with fire.

First, before all the commotion strikes, sit down, think about your holiday triggers and formulate a plan. If you think you can just wing it, or simply resist all the temptation, think again. Those who plan their holiday workout strategies are far more likely to stick to their goals than those who wing it.

Even the greatest willpower is no match for holiday food pushers. You know the ones: those “well-wishing” friends, coworkers and family members who insist on shoving food in your face and won’t take no for an answer. Yeah, that crowd. They'll be back again this season, I assure you. Channel your inner thespian and script your “just say no” act. It’s a bit tedious at first, but after the first few fudge denials, you’ll be a “no” pro. Be the broken record and politely refuse.

Let them know you don’t wish to be rude, but you simply won’t be swayed. Whether you’re too full, allergic or just plain uninterested, stick to your guns. They’ll leave you alone soon enough. A word of caution: avoid the word “diet.” Food pushers hate that word, and will increase their efforts ten-fold to stuff your face full of lard-laden junk. Been there, done that.

Expecting a house full of visitors? Don’t think for a second that this means you have to abandon your fitness routine. Invite your guests to join you in your plans. Most gyms offer guest passes. Get a few in advance and offer one to Aunt Martha when she scoffs at your workout plans and suggests you go shopping instead. That’ll either shut her up or –bonus!– help her discover the joys of exercise. What a wonderful holiday gift! Missed a workout? You’re in luck. There are several ways to make up for it. Walk instead of drive to view holiday lights. Sled. Snowboard. Make a snowman. Go caroling. Whatever you do, just get moving.

Out shopping? Pick up the pace. Burn extra calories while you search for that perfect gift. Your cardiovascular system will thank you for it. Wear a pedometer and revel in the progress you made.

Frazzled? Take some time for yourself. Try to set aside 30 minutes a day to sit quietly alone and simply breathe. Don’t think about visitors, gifts, meals, responsibilities or obligations.

Just relax and visualize a calm, serene scene. Focus on your breath. If you find your attention straying, simply shift back to the vision and keep breathing. Interruptions can be easily thwarted by hanging a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

Got some extra time? Well, it is also the season to spend more quality time with your spouse. Men need to be energized more than ever during the holiday period for a satisfying experience. If you’re a man wanting to regain vitality, stamina, and endurance, Virectin is a leading male performance product that can do all this. It contains high concentrations of essential vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts, which boost testosterone and energy levels.

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Lastly, enjoy the holidays and hold fast to your goals. Try to maintain a consistent schedule as possible. As always, go easy on the alcohol. With so many calories in such a paltry amount of holiday cheer, who needs it?!? Happy holidays!