Thursday, December 24, 2020

5:10 AM

2020 is probably the worst year in modern history. Due to this pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs, businesses closed, tourism becoming virtually non-existent, and families were apart. If you managed to keep your business together, you're among the lucky few. Several businesses already closed, and things aren't heading in the right direction. If we keep dwelling on the sad things that happened this year, the list will be endless. If you wish for your employees to feel better, you should end the year on a positive note. These are some useful tips to help your employees feel better.

Send gifts to your employees

It's not about the gift that you send, but the idea that you appreciated your employees for their hard work. Since you don't have personal interactions due to the work-from-home setting, it would be great to surprise the employees with a gift. They will appreciate your effort and realize that they have a lovely management team helping them out.

Let everyone know how much you appreciate them

For the last several months, you kept in touch with your employees, mostly for work-related reasons. It might be time to call them to show your appreciation. You don't have to talk about work. The goal is to make them feel that you care. Some of your employees might even be alone due to this pandemic. Receiving a phone call from you would mean a lot.

Encourage employees to stay in touch with each other

Again, this work-from-home setup makes things a lot more difficult for many people. It's time for us to stay in touch by having virtual interactions. Encourage employees to call each other and to help them get through this difficult phase. Even those who don't necessarily like it each other might decide to end this year with a reconciliation.

Plan big things for 2021

It might be time to put 2020 behind us. Start talking about what you can do moving forward. It helps to start planning for big things that the company can do to improve its profits and boost the productivity level. You can also start planning some corporate trips that you can do together since you didn't have one this year. If you intend to host a funfair stall for hire and have fun with the members of the family, you can start planning now.

Have a Zoom meeting to talk about positive things only

Meetings happened through Zoom this year since employees couldn't meet each other in a regular workplace. After a while, several employees started to hate this platform. You can change it by using Zoom one last time for 2020, but to talk about positive things only. Given how terrible this year has been, most people have no reason to be happy. The truth is that there are still a lot of great things that 2020 brought. It's time to think about them and leave the negativity behind.