Sunday, November 26, 2017

7:34 AM
You chose him a long, long time ago,. The one who makes time seem too short for saying all the things you want to say to each other. 

The person who moves your soul without even touching your body, and believes in everything you are, even at times when you don’t believe it yourself. 

The one who appreciates how important you are to him and to the world. You’ll notice him by the spark that lights up in his eyes when he sees you, and the squeezing embrace that holds you tight, as though you were going to slip away. 

And after meeting your soul mate in this world, things will take on new colors, shapes and sounds, such as you’ve never experienced before. 

You’ll need this person’s presence as much as you need the air that you breathe, and his absence will hurt so that you never really get used to it. 

This makes it pointless to live a life without the one who’s predestined to you since long before you were born. Without them, your life would pass on glass feet, and even the slightest breeze could take it crashing down. 

If you’ve already met your soul mate, could you imagine travelling your life’s journey without their loving hugs and smiles? 

His presence is enough, even without you doing anything. You’ve been destined for eternity, and your love is so potent it clouds your mind. 

Nothing really makes sense anymore, but at the same time it all makes perfect sense since you’ve found love. 

Your mind tortures your, while your heart plays the sweetest melodies. 

And the proportions of this love are so vast, that he’ll make your soul tremble merely at the sight of him, the same way he did the first time you met, even after years go by. 

His presence will make you evolve, because he constantly makes you feel loved and appreciated, even at times when he doesn’t show it. 

The only thing you need to remember is that you deserve the kind of love that moves mountains and inspires poets. 

The kind of love that makes the Universe seem small, and Earth made just for these two souls to blossom. 

Don’t accept anything less than what you want, and don’t thing about time running out. 

Disregard any notions you might have of not being good enough for him. As a matter of fact, ignore everything. 

Remember that you made that deal a long time ago, and he’s the one meant to accompany your side and live life as one. 

Don’t give up! Keep searching…he’s there, he exists!