Sunday, November 26, 2017

7:30 AM
Empaths notice a lot of things around them, but now you can notice some interesting things about them too. 

Has a complete stranger ever opened up to you? Pouring their heart out? This is no accident. Empaths have a special magnetism that draws people to them. They will open up to you not knowing why, unleashing a river of emotions. We shouldn’t judge them for this, rather we should comfort them. 

I’ve had so many experiences with empaths, that I can’t even count how many times this has happened to me. How about you? 

According to Marshall Rosenberg, the author of Non-Violent Communication, empathy is characterized by talking with the body such as the eyes, as opposed to talking with words. Empathy is when someone feels a connection with the feelings that are going on inside you.


10 Signs To Notice An Empath 

1. They are “too sensitive” 
A common misconception is that empaths are “too” this or “too” that — too emotional, too sensitive, too everything. But the truth is that they are just being in touch with both their emotions and yours. 

2. They hate dishonesty 
All they need to do is simply look into your eyes and know that you’re lying. Of course everyone resents dishonestly, but empaths REALLY hate this to a whole new level. 

3. Negative images affects them 
They can never “unfeel” something once they’ve felt it, no matter how much the negativity. They hate stories about violence, catastrophes and heartbreak whenever they see it on social media. 

4.  Crowds overwhelm them 
Literally all personality types can be empaths, like introverts, extroverts and ambiverts. But even the most socially outgoing types can feel overwhelmed in big crowds simply because they absorb so much of the energy around them which can be very exhausting to say the least. 

5. They love to heal 
Empaths love to give advice to you which will guide you towards healing. But the healing only happens if you truly implement the tips they’ve given you. 

6. They know what you’re going through because they’re going through it too 
If you’re feeling sick or depressed, an empath feels the same way. Or if you’re feeling anxious, they are experiencing the exact same anxiety. Their ability to feel and sense you’re every emotion connects them with you, especially if they care about you. 

7. Electronics act weird around them 
This may sound shocking and stupid, but empaths claim this happens often. They can get shocked by touching objects that don’t shock other normal people. Electronics and electronic equipment tends to act strange on them. A phone of an empath can die even though it’s fully charged or is currently charging. Also, it’s common for their car to stall, computer screen to glitch and light bulbs to explode in their presence. 

8. They are overly sensitive to certain sounds 
Certain buzzes and pitches can affect an empath deeply. Not only that, but they can distract them considerably. They are also sensitive to certain textures, materials and also bright lights. What they love are gentle, soothing sounds and delicate tastes. 
9. They are often tired 
Empaths not only have to deal with their own personal emotions and issues, but also with other people’s too. This is a mentally draining process that causes them to often be worn-out, tired and exhausted. There are however some lucky empaths that have learned to “release” the overflow of energy and prevent themselves from mental drainage. 

10. They can spot a narcissist from a mile away 
Empaths dislike narcissists so much that they can spot them from a mile away –  and that’s the closest they get to them! This doesn’t shock me at all. 

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