Wednesday, August 23, 2017

10:21 PM
Thyroid malfunction creates a perfect base for the development of numerous health problems. The thyroid gland has a major role in the regulation of your metabolism and energy. 

It takes part in every process in the body, and vital organs can’t work without thyroid hormones. 

Be more active, change your eating habits, stay away from stress and rest enough. Consult a holistic doctor, and find the best solution to your problem. 

Here is how to treat your thyroid problem naturally: 

  1. - Boost your intake of vitamins A, D and K2. Your body needs each of these. A recent study has shown that the lack of these vitamins can disrupt the function of your thyroid gland. 

  1. - Seaweed and sea veggies like nori, kombu, and wakame are an excellent source of iodine and other nutrients. 

  1. - Unlike other oils, coconut oil doesn’t affect the conversion of T4 into T3. Coconut oil promotes weight loss, boosts metabolism, and strengthens immunity. Take a tablespoon of this oil every day. 

  1. - Stay away from gluten, as it triggers an autoimmune response in some people. Scientists link it to the development of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a type of autoimmune problem. 

  1. - Bone broth is a natural elixir. It strengthens immunity, and improves the function of your intestinal mucosa. Take a cup of this broth on a daily basis. It can be also combined with seaweed flakes and a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. 

  1. - Do yoga, meditation or tai chi if your thyroid issue occurred as a result of trauma, severe depression, stressful situations or constant stress. 

Stay away from peanut butter and peanuts, as they are packed with goitrogens. 

One of our readers has successfully healed her thyroid, here are her tips for all of you: 

“Make sure your thyroid levels are balanced. Next correct your diet, cut out your sugars & fats! This enable weight loss etc. And do exercise.. run, walk, increase your steps daily. I done this & my thyroid level are down by 2% within 8 weeks.”