Wednesday, June 14, 2017

11:19 AM
According to Jim Butcher, “the human mind is not a terribly logical or consistent place.” This is an understatement. The human brain is, actually, a total madhouse. 

This can be devastating when other people's minds keep them from understanding our way of thinking.  

Nevertheless, it can be amazing when we learn to appreciate the chaos and use it to our advantage.  Below you'll find 10 successful psychological tricks that can get you what you want:  

1. If you want a person to like you, ask them for a very simple favor. Most people won't refuse to help someone if it is something trivial. This will put them in a mindset of collaboration and so they'll end up seeing you as a team member.  

2. If you find yourself trying to make a path through a crowded street, try to look directly at your destination. People usually look subconsciously into the eyes of others around them in order to forge their own path. So, they will inherently realize where you are heading towards and make way for you.  

3. If you want to ask someone to help you carry something, hand it to them while you are talking. The majority of people will be paying more attention to what you say than you do and take the item instinctively. Even in case, they are distracted, they would likely rather help than cut you when you talk.  

4. If you would like to understand whether or not somebody has their eye on you, then yawn. If they are indeed watching you, they will probably do the same.  

5. If you want to make someone behave in a certain way, then give them options within the bounds of the desired behavior. For instance, instead of saying “Will you, please eat a vegetable for dinner?”, say “Shall I make carrots tonight, or do you prefer green beans?”. This usually gives the other person a feeling of control and makes them believe the choice was their own.  

6. If you want to seem like a great listener to someone, paraphrase their words back to them. Be careful to say what they said but in your own words. It will make them think you listened and you also understood them.  

7. If a song has stuck in your head and it’s driving you crazy, follow it all the way until it ends. It’s more difficult to shake a song if our mind thinks that we’re leaving it unfinished.  

8. To make someone agree with your position, nod while you are explaining it. It's highly possible that your audience will unintentionally mimic you. After nodding with you while you're speaking, they will possibly become predisposed to agree with you. Nodding is also a proof of trustworthiness and confidence in your position. On the other hand, you should avoid shaking your head.  

9. If you met a new person and want them to like you, then warm your hands before you shake theirs. People feel at ease with warm hands, while cold ones make them feel guarded and uncomfortable.  

10. If you want people to trust your advice, say that you heard that from your parents or grandparents. People tend to trust older family members more.  

Have you ever tried any of these tricks? Comment below to share your view with us! 

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