Saturday, December 17, 2016

8:34 PM
There is no shortage of fun puzzles out there on the Internet, but this one takes the cake for the most viral I’ve ever come across. It’s already been shared over three million times, and it’s showing no sign of stopping.

Some people say that if you can solve it, your IQ is above 150, which means that you are an absolute genius. 

It would place you 52 points above the average American’s IQ and a whole 43 points above the average Hong Kong citizen’s IQ (Hong Kong is the smartest country in the world according to data.) 

Are you ready to try and solve the puzzle? 

Take a look at it below and try to figure out the pattern that’s hiding in the numbers. Even if you’re able to figure it out, the key is to know exactly how it works and why it equates to such a high level of intelligence.  

Ok, enough chatting. Take a few minutes and try to work it out. 

Did you get it? Don’t worry, it took me a little while. 

The video below attempts to explain it – and I say “attempts” because it’s a little difficult to follow. 

Still confused? 

No worries. I’ve got you covered! 

You need to subtract and then add to get the answer. 

1) 6 – 4 = 2     2) 6 + 4 = 10     Answer = 210 

Get it? 

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