Thursday, October 8, 2020

11:13 AM

Omnipresent in the professional world, unlimited internet service has become all the more important in the context of confinement and forced telework.

Moreover, all the companies working today in these difficult circumstances, rely on the internet and technologies to manage their activity and maintain collaboration with their business partners.

How has internet service become an ally of quarantined workers? How important is it for businesses?

You will find the answers to all these questions in the article below.

1. What is telework?

Contrary to popular belief, telework does not mean working in front of the TV ! this new way of working consists in carrying out professional activity remotely. So, instead of being on company premises, employees have complete freedom to set up home or in other places to do the same office work.

2. Ensuring business continuity requires good internet service at home

To stay operational and productive during the health crisis, employees absolutely need high-speed internet service at home. This technology offers them multiple advantages and allows them to work remotely with employees with complete peace of mind:

·         Access data online:

Employees are increasingly using the internet to consult professional messaging, communicate with employees and search for information online.

Digital tools encourage collaborative work during the pandemic and facilitate access to important files without making a move.

·         Facilitate storage:

Thanks to the internet, employees can store important files, share files with employees and even edit them using the various applications available online:

- Dropbox: it is an online storage and file sharing service. In free version, it offers you 2 GB of space, document management, the possibility of file sharing, etc.

- Secure important data: by working remotely, employees must ensure the protection of confidential company data. There are many solutions for this: VPN, antivirus, firewall, etc.

- Make meetings remotely: In this time of crisis, a VoIP residential telephone can also break the isolation, thanks to a quality internet service at home. Working remotely becomes less stressful for employees. There is less travel for staff, more performance and better quality of work.

- Collaborate with business partners: each employee can access at any time, via the internet, the important documents he needs to accomplish the tasks assigned to him. Applications such as Zoom, Google Meet facilitate collaborative work and efficient interaction.

- Recruit online: recruiters now use the internet to publish their offers, find the right profiles and stand out from existing competitors on the market. Under current circumstances, it is becoming more practical for professionals to use new technologies to organize remote interviews.

If you meet all the technical conditions for teleworking, you could take full advantage of the multiple advantages of this new working method. But for that, you will first need a good unlimited internet service at home. So do not hesitate to do your little research with local operators, to find the internet package that will best meet your needs and expectations!