Sunday, October 11, 2020

4:53 AM

 It takes two minutes to take this personality test designed by psychologist Pip Wilson. In a moment this test will reveal something about your emotional state and your personality. 

When he created this test, the psychologist had the goal of studying the forms of interaction in a group of primary school children in England. But he quickly realized that the same test would work for adults too. 


Taking this test can help you determine your emotional state and understand what place you occupy in a group or in society. 


The test is very simple: look at this tree made up of different characters and choose the one that most resembles you. 


1 - 3 - 6 - 7 


You are oriented towards achieving goals, you are not afraid of obstacles. You are determined in facing the difficulties to reach your goals by overcoming every obstacle. 


2 - 11 - 12 - 18 - 19 


You are a sociable person and able to have a conversation on different topics. Plus, you can offer others useful advice to help them. 




Lead a stable life. You would like to achieve success and fame, but you tend not to do anything concrete in that direction. 




You are always tired and feel lacking in vitality. Your energy resources run out very quickly. 




You are an introverted person and rather closed in on yourself. You find it difficult to focus on work. 




You are the life of the holidays! You are a nice person, fun, who loves being in the company and having an adventurous and intense lifestyle. 


10 - 15 


You are a person who easily adapts to different situations and changes. You immediately feel at ease when you are in a new environment. 


13 - 21 


It seems that you are a very introverted person, full of anxieties and fears. You have difficulty communicating with others. 




You are most likely on the verge of an emotional crisis. You risk suffering from depression or are experiencing a difficult time that complicates your life. 


16 - 17 


You are tired of helping others and always supporting them in difficult times. If you have thought that angel number 17 is hugging you, it means that you really need attention, warmth, affection and support. Both 16 and 17 need to live in a united group, where they can get help and support. 




You have a high level of self-esteem, you are a natural leader and you would like everyone to listen and consider your opinions and ideas. 


Did you find any correspondences between your personality, as you know it, and the result of this test?