Monday, January 30, 2017

12:13 PM
The Hair 
People who are artistic and creative wash their hair first when taking a shower. They love dreaming, but are powerful to achieve what others cannot. They lack persistence and dedication to their goals. They can work vigorously in order to accomplish their wishes and desires. 

Money is not the most important thing for them. Usually, their friends are intellectuals or artists. These people are ready to research and please their partner. Their main strength is their talent. Choose a specific direction and nourish it. You will be stronger and even more creative by connecting to nature and spiritual dimensions. Their long-term partners can be those people who wash their chest first. 

The Chest 

These people are simple, honest, and straightforward. They don’t like to be distracted when trying to focus and are irritated from people who don’t see things their way. They are loyal and good partners, who are ready to sacrifice. You need to relax more and be spontaneous and patient. Don’t worry so much if you want your life to be better. 

The Underarms 

People who wash their underarms first are reliable and attentive. Also, they are popular and ready to help other people. At times they can’t judge people and cannot find out if they are honest or not. These people can be a little bit naïve because they trust everyone. Nourish your spiritual side and find time for yourself. You will be much more powerful and satisfied if you increase your inner spiritual strength. Best partners for these people are those who wash their shoulders first. 

The Face 

Money is important for these people and they are prepared for everything just to get it. You like to be surrounded with people you can benefit from and sometimes you thing life is boring. There are times when other people have a problem understanding you, but you don’t worry about that. You live in your own world and some people think you are egocentric. You have a vivid imagination and a lot of wishes. You can be a bit dependent on your partner, but you need to take over the initiative and give more of yourself in the relationship. Try to approach to others and be softer with them. You can try meditation and volunteering. Best partner for you would be a person who washes other body parts first then those mentioned in this article. 

The Shoulders 

People who wash their shoulders first are very responsible and concentrate completely on everything they do. Because they spend too much time alone, they may be considered high-headed. This is your method of recharging the batteries because you need solitude to focus. Your friendships are for life. Money and power don’t attract you, while in love you are faithful and stable. You should spend time practicing relaxation methods. Ideal partner for you is a person who washes his armpits first. 

Other Body Parts 

These people have good characteristics, but other people may not recognize them. They are good people with a few flaws. You need to be more adventurous and show others the potential you possess. You can improve your relation with others by expressing your qualities, not through hiding your flaws. In terms of your love life, you have a passionate and spontaneous imagination, but you are afraid of failure, which prevents you from relaxation. Concentrate on your development and your potentials will reveal out of the dark. A person who washes their face first is your ideal partner. 
Source: Unknownremedy