Sunday, August 8, 2021

9:44 AM


No one will blame you if you’re thinking of going overboard with your kids’ easter basket this year. Just like the rest of us, kids had a very rough year during the past year due to the covid pandemic, so if anyone truly deserves an extra dose of fun and excitement this easter, that is our kids. But selecting the perfect gift basket or items to put in the kids' gift basket that won't break the bank is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the unique kids’ baskets gifts that will surely bring a smile on Easter day. After you’re inspired by the gift basket ideas, head over to to purchase amazing budget-friendly gifts with quick and free shipping all over Canada.

Easter Themed Candy Basket 

If there is one thing that all kids love, that's candy. You can get an Easter-themed candy basket that contains small eggs shaped boxes filled with sweets and special trinkets. Any kid would love a gift basket-like these. Also, these gift baskets can be bought easily online and mailed to far-flung relatives.

Legos Gift Basket

If you want to give a non-candy gift basket to the kids, a lego gift basket would be a perfect choice. Kids love playing with them. With pandemic and lockdown situations, they can use it as perfect indoor entertainment as well.

Snacks Gift Basket 

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A gift basket filled with Reese's mini peanut butter cups, Pringles chips, Caramel popcorn, chocolate, and other yummy snacks is enough to bring a smile to any kid's face on Easter morning. You can get these items separately or order a pre-made kids-only snack basket online.

Art Therapy Gift Basket

Coloring books are not just fun, but it also develops hand strength, stimulates creativity, and helps kids improve focus. Being easy on the wallet, the art therapy gift basket is an excellent Easter gift choice for kids. You can create your own DIY art gift basket by filling a basket with color books and color pencil boxes or order online. You can find a huge collection of beautiful art therapy gift baskets to choose from on different online gift stores.

Doll Gift Basket

A gift basket filled with some beautiful character dolls can be a perfect Easter gift for a little girl. A doll's gift basket is something that is surely well-loved by any little princess. You can put some of your hand-knitted dolls in a gift basket or buy a ready-made doll basket from any gift store.

Crayons Basket

What’s more fun than a basket filled with crayons? Crayon baskets are very inexpensive yet an excellent gift choice for kids on easter. There are a huge variety of crayons baskets available in the gift stores. Or you can head towards the nearest dollar shop and buy different boxes of crayons, pack them in a beautiful gift basket with a “Happy Easter” note for your kid.

Her or His First Easter Basket

If there’s a newborn baby in your family, friend, or relatives, you can make her or his first easter memorable by presenting her a gift basket filled with a cute pair of shoes, clothes, baby toys, and a congratulation note for the parents.

Final words 

These are some of the unique Easter basket gifts that are inexpensive yet surely make kids’ Easter day joyful. That said, I hope this gift guide has provided you the unique ideas you were looking for. Chao and Happy Easter!