Thursday, May 20, 2021

4:45 AM

Instagram is one of the widely held social media networks surrounding 815 million global users. In the word of researchers, this will reach approximately 1.2 billion in 2023. Users who create profiles for themselves can share videos and images on the platform. Those who do not have Insta accounts cannot visit the platform at all. However, if you wish to download Instagram photos or videos should use a third-party tool for this does not has a download option. 10Insta Downloader is a very special and advanced tool that supports users to download Instagram images and video clips. 10Insta Downloader is a rapid and simple way and has no restrictions.

How to use 10Insta Downloader?

10Insta Downloader is a third-party application. It is an online downloader that any user can simply handle. Since there is no certain option to download media on the original Instagram platform, having a third-party tool like 10Insta Downloader would be great. Simply visit 10Insta Downloader and save all the photos and videos that you love to your smartphone. Though there are many third-party Instagram downloaders, 10Insta is an advanced version that even can use to save albums, stories, reels as well. Keep all memories of your followers using this simple tool.

How to download Instagram photos and videos?

Here is how to simply download Instagram photos and videos. Make sure that you are a proud member of Insta.

  • Visit the Google Play Store and download Instagram app. If you already have the Insta app with you, check updates and update the application right away

  • If you are a new user, create an account before anything else

  • Navigate to the app section and simply tap on the Instagram app icon on your smartphone

  • The app will open

  • Once you want to save a video clip or a photograph, you can use 10Insta Downloader and save it on your device

  • Simply tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the specific Instagram post

  • And then copy the post link

  • Open the 10Insta Downloader page and paste the link on the 10Insta Downloader search bar

  • And then select the “Download Now” button

  • Confirm the “Download” button once more

  • 10Insta Downloader will provide a downloadable link

  • The image or the video will save to the phone within the next few seconds

  • Check your gallery for all the saved media files.

Winding up

Save 10Insta Downloader link to download Instagram photos and videos for absolutely free. 10Insta is simple and lets you collect any media file instantly. Simply go to Instagram and copy the link to the shared post. And then paste it on the download bar of 10Insta Downloader. This is the best and the only way to save any shared file on Instagram like videos, photos, stories, reels, albums and everything. Use a third-party Instagram downloader is important for we cannot find out the download option on Instagram. Unlike many other comparable tools, 10Insta Download lets anyone save their favorite media files from Instagram for free without any further condition.