Friday, August 27, 2021

11:08 PM

A bet "against" is made on the outcome that, in the bettor's opinion, will not happen. Not all bookmakers offer this feature. Contra bets on sports are popular in disciplines in which 3 outcomes are possible. For example, football. You can bet against the fact that there will be a draw. The disadvantage of this type of betting on sports is that the odds are very low; winning is unlikely to be profitable.

Which bookmaker office can you place "against" bets on?

Few bookmakers offer betting on sports "against", because this type is in little demand. You can try to make such bets at the Betfair bookmaker office.

To place ipl betting online "against", you need to have the same knowledge that is needed for regular betting. To make a bet, you need to determine with what degree of probability each outcome will happen. Professional bettors use the theory of probability and other mathematical forecasting methods for this. There are 3 main approaches:

  • a priori;

  • subjective;

  • empirical.

The a priori method is also called Bayesian. It was developed over 300 years ago. To apply it, you can use the universal formula: P (A | B) = P (A) * P (B | A) / P (B). Bayesian probability is needed when a new factor suddenly appears that can affect the outcome of an event. For example, it turns out that it will rain during a football match.

For beginners, the empirical method is more suitable. The formula is simpler: P = N / X, where:

  • N - the total number of personal meetings of 2 teams;

  • X is the number of victorious matches.

For example, in the entire history of FC Manchester United and Real Madrid had 14 face-to-face meetings. Of these, the English team won 7 matches. If 14 divided by 7, Manchester has a 50% chance of winning the next game.

What sports bets are like "against"

You can compare betting on sports "against" with wagering on the victory of the underdog. Many bettors like this strategy, because if they are lucky it can bring good profits. Outsider betting is popular in football, tennis, basketball, esports, and other disciplines. This does not mean that if you recklessly make a bet on the victory of the underdog, it will be profitable. This strategy can only be used by observing strict systemic principles.

In sports betting, the underdog is a player or team that is an outsider. Determining it is easy - just look at the odds. For outsider wins, quotes start at 3.00. The higher the odds, the more sense it makes to bet on the underdog. In some sports, the odds may even be 7.00 or more.

The list of bets on the outsider is as follows, depending on the bookmaker's office:

  • Asian handicap;

  • 1X or 2X;

  • individual total over;

  • individual total of the favorite is less.

The underdog can win in any sport. In 2020, a match took place between Atlético and FC Barcelona. Then the odds for the first team were higher than 4.00 because no one believed in her victory. Despite this, the match ended with a score of 1: 0 in favor of Atlético. Those bettors who were not afraid to bet on the underdog made a good profit.

The key to success in betting on the outsider is a good pre-match analysis. When looking for good odds, you need to simultaneously study the following information about the teams:

if the favorite has won several times before, the coefficient for the underdog rises, but at the same time the leader's motivation falls, which makes the outsider more likely to win;

tournament motivation is important - if the favorite is leading by a large margin in the table, and the victory in the match will not affect anything, the team has little motivation to give all its best;

each leader has an uncomfortable rival, the so-called "Achilles' heel" (for example, Real Madrid in 1/3 of cases lose to the weaker team "Athletic").

Also important are the attendant circumstances that can occur at any moment. For example, changing the tennis court. Each player has their favorite surfaces, on which it is convenient to play. Due to technical reasons, the court may change at any time, which may affect the outcome of a sporting event. In football, weather conditions can affect the outcome of a match. You also need to monitor whether any of the team members are injured. This is especially true in such dangerous disciplines as hockey, horse riding, American football.