Monday, April 6, 2020

7:54 AM

This time, thanks to the restrictions due to the coronavirus emergency, the deer conquer even in a suburban neighbourhood of London! The quiet streets of Harold Hill have been literally overrun with these beautiful animals.  
Just a few days ago, in Llandudno, North Wales, the majestic wild goats had given a few hours of live entertainment to the Scots who enjoyed seeing the animals at ease among the streets and gardens. Now we are in the English capital, usually chaotic, multicultural and busy. The residents of Harold Hill, a large suburban neighbourhood in north-east London, found very special neighbours, that is, deer with imposing horns that comfortably settled between the gardens and the street.  

Since the emergency began, episodes like this have become more frequent: animals, thanks to the silence and the total or partial absence of cars, have regained their spaces. But the surprising thing here is the deer haven't been seen in this particular area for years. They usually live in wooded areas pushing themselves into mountainous and inaccessible areas to escape man's demographic and hunting pressure. According to some residents who posted social photos, these deer may actually have come from Dagnam Park. Anyway, the British were literally speechless. An incursion that was greeted with sympathy.  


We had also talked about the dolphins, the couple of mallards that nested in Venice and many other animals that returned to breathe when the human being took a step back.  

Source: Twitter