Sunday, March 22, 2020

5:01 AM
We do not know, or perhaps we have not noticed, taken by everything that is happening around us, yet spring has returned . A somewhat surreal spring, in some ways cursed, but still a spring, made of trees that bloom and swallows that return from their long trips around the world. In this spring we have an important task: to resist!
At 4.49, Italian time, the Sun was at the zenith of the Equator, which means that spring has returned  and with it nature has officially awakened. 
This is a spring for us as we have never experienced it, a spring that we will hardly forget : the sun, the blue sky, the flowers, the birds that fly and sing are beauties that, for the moment, we can only admire looking out the windows. 
The climate is mild and favorable, the perfect temperatures, yet the atmosphere and our mood are not as serene as they should be. There are those who are on the front lines and work day and night to deal with the ongoing health emergency, those who have lost some of their loved ones or have a sick relative and are apprehensive, those who are quarantined as positive (and perhaps by home only), those who work outside and challenge the virus every day. In short, there are many stories that we could tell this spring, difficult for everyone , including children who are forced to stay at home and who have been deprived of the opportunity to attend school, play outdoors and see their friends. 

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  We are anxious, apprehensive, we are afraid but nature does not care about the coronavirus , she does not stop at all and nobody, continues as the seasons progress and now is the time of rebirth after a winter that, although mild, has seen a little subdued in showing us all its wonders. 
The days get longer , next week we will also return to summer time and therefore we will have a day with an extra hour to manage (at home!). All the beauty of nature that awakens and the good fortune to experience a new spring is somehow precluded. So much is the desire to go out, to find relatives and friends, to have a picnic on the lawns or on the beach, to hug and kiss us outdoors, under the sun, happy again! 
All of this will be possible again someday, hopefully soon, and think how beautiful it will be after all we have experienced. 
The trees in bloom, the song of the birds, the daisies on the meadows all speak to us of a land that awakens and perhaps this will still give us some comfort and a healthy dose of optimism in these difficult times. 
Life goes on, despite what is happening and nature reminds us that, after all, spring always comes back after winter , even the most difficult one and that we must treasure this opportunity to grow, become stronger and better. 
It will be tough this spring but we know that, for the good of all, we must limit our desire to fully experience it by the sea, on the meadows, in the woods, together with our family and friends. We resist! 

Source : Green Me