Sunday, April 9, 2017

12:41 PM
A grocery shopper shares the story of comeuppance as an abusive customer gets exactly what they deserve. 

(I am at my regular grocery store at the checkout. The bagger is a sweet man with a mental disability, who is carefully bagging my items.) 

Bagger: “You want this one?”  
(He holds up one of my canvas bags, which I see has a hole in it.) 

Me: “No, use another. Thanks.” 

Woman behind me: “God! Hurry it up!” 

Me: “I just finished paying. He’s fine.” 

Woman behind me: “Oh, so you’re slow like him too? God all you special people need to stop interfering with normal people.” 

Bagger: *looks offended* “Ma’am, she’s not not-smart. She goes to [University].” *points to my university logo on my sweatpants* “She’s real smart.” 

Me: “And he’s the best bagger here! He’s very careful, ma’am, which is a good thing with groceries.” 

(My bags are done. Since he knows I walk back to my dorm, the bagger just hands them to me and helps me shoulder them.) 

Woman behind me: “God he won’t even help you take them to your car? What a delinquent. I want to see a manager about this!” 

Me: “I walk, lady. You want to call a manager over something I have intentionally asked him to do many times?” 

Bagger: *to me* “Have a nice day!” 

Woman behind me: “Retard.” 

(The cashier, who hasn’t said a word through the whole thing, looks at the woman calmly.) 

Cashier: “Refusal of service for massive discrimination towards a valued employee, as well as a regular customer. You may leave your items here, we’ll shelve them later. Please leave.” 

(She instead decides to cause a massive disturbance, eventually breaking a shelf, and needing to be physically restrained while the bagger leads me and another customer behind the cigarette counter for our safety. We have to wait for a cop to come.) 

Bagger: “Still… coming next week?” *he looks worried* 

Me: “Yep.” 

(His smile made me really happy for the rest of the day.) 

We should all treat each other with respect regardless of our differences. This story goes to show that while there may be some terrible people in this world there are also compassionate champions of the human spirit willing to stand against heartless cruelty. 

The social experiment television show What Would You Do? explored this exact situation. Watch what happens when complete strangers are placed in the same scenario. 

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