Tuesday, July 29, 2014

12:05 AM
Children are under huge pressure and they are subjected to sensory overload.  Meditation and relaxation is a necessity to help build resilience and help children feel more in control of their emotions.

Here are some simple ways to encourage children to take out a few moments each day.

Be a role model and meditate with your child.  They will remember this bond and this closeness forever.  You will also show your child that meditation is so important that you are willing to take time out of your busy day to do it as well.

Designate a specific area for them in the house that will be their meditation spot. Make it welcoming with their own pillow or rug to sit on. Encourage them decorate their special area with objects that they love: perhaps a family photo, their favorite artwork, a remnant of the earth such as a crystal or even a plant.

Ensure that your child maintains his or her connection to Nature, the Earth and the Universe.  It is through our connection to Nature, the Earth and the Universe that we are reminded of our singularity and our oneness to everything that is.  These concepts are often found in meditation and seem complex to adults, but children understand it because it is a part of their inner being.  When they are deprived of this connection, they become disconnected and imbalanced.  Make sure to go on hikes, look at the stars, go to the beach, float down a river on a canoe, go camping or just take a daily walk to notice the wildlife that shares their space with you in your neighborhood.

Add books, CDs/MP3s and apps to your child’s meditation toolbox.  There are numerous books and other resources that can be implemented into your child’s meditation practice that will help reinforce the concepts and techniques associated with meditation and relaxation.

There are lots of videos on the internet to help encourage younger children to meditate, they can make it more fun and help explain things quite well – especially if you are a beginner yourself.

Here is one I liked from Cosmic Kids:

Jade Small – The Open Mind