Monday, March 21, 2022

6:06 AM

 With an estimated 3.7 billion social media

Social media posts and stories are the fundamental components of any marketing campaign. Businesses can engage with their users via thes accounts, no one can overlook the importance of social media marketing. 

e platforms. However, it is not easy to show your presence and gather enough audience on social media. You’ve to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok all at once. 

But it is not as difficult as it might seem. Using the following tools, you can post content regularly on your social accounts without spending a lot of time:


If you are looking for perfect and user-friendly design software with exceptional infographic and social card templates, then Visme is the perfect choice for you. It’s a far-fetched technology that you can use for maintaining your brand’s look. You can compile important insights that’ll stand out through its cutting-edge designs. 

You can make short stories, videos, and posts to upload on social platforms, including YouTube channels. Visme provides ready-made templates for social media postings in which you can put your text, add icons and animations to share with your audience. You can also make customized posts for personal or brand use. 


Not only does Canva have an excellent search built-in, but it also presents you with a variety of templates for everything as soon as you open it. Try searching something like “birthday Instagram stories” for a more particular option.

After finding a particular template to work from, you can easily add your own resorts by dropping the images straight in the editor using Uploads then Upload media in the left sidebar. You can easily share your design, just like in google docs, by adding your email address in the share button in the toolbox. After you’re done, you can easily save it by downloading it.


For those social media geeks who're looking for a perfect background remover that can edit the background of any image or video, Slazzer is the one they need. Its automated background removal technology is not only efficient to detect objects from the images, but it can also remove, edit, or replace the background with just a single click. 

You can use background-free images for social media posts, youtube thumbnails, and make product pages. It’s cost-effective and simple, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have any technical knowledge. 

Slazzer can process images and videos in any format, and you can use its plugins/extensions in other editing softwares as well. No matter how many images you want to process, you’ll get them within a few minutes. 


Desygner is for those who want hassle-free social media posts without spending time editing templates. You can upload files in PDF, PSD, or SVG format and use your designs to make posts as well. 

It gives you the freedom to create color palettes, snippets, icons, and logos for use on social media posts. Desynger has a massive library of templates to choose from. Using it, you can create customized designs to use on social media platforms that can be scheduled to post later. 

Creative Cloud Express 

For people who want to create graphics for their social media, Adobe has an app named Creative Cloud (CC) Express. In CC, besides having a variety of awesome templates, you can make quick changes in your photo or video, like trimming video or editing photographs, etc. 

When it comes to creating a stunning graphic, CC has some advanced editing features, but if you want a more deep result, there are many advanced settings and other features which can be easily accessed by selecting the “Design” and checking out the right sidebar.

CC Express is not only a self-sufficient designing app, but you also can’t ignore its bond with other Adobe Creative Suite. If you want to use Adobe’s most powerful tool for your business, Creative Cloud Express is the best way. You can not only get Adobe stock images and graphics, but you can also create libraries in the sidebar tab libraries and pull in brand illustrators from illustrators and pictures from Lightroom. 

Final Thought

The apps we’ve mentioned above can be helpful in many ways. We’ve gathered information about them after days of research, so you don’t have to waste your time doing so. These tools can help you create catchy slogans, organize infographics, create templates for brochures and invoices, and edit product images for posting on your accounts. You can optimize your posts and can schedule them to reduce the burden. However, the software you choose should be based on the services you want from these technologies.