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Written by Ryan Boyd|

What is DMT?
DMT or Dimethyltryptamine is a naturally occurring chemical compound in the human brain.  It is produced by our

pineal gland or third eye when we sleep and is said to be the main reason we experience dreams (this is not proven, but all indications lead to this being the most likely possibility).  The compound is found in almost every plant and mammal (including grass!) with a few exceptions.

The majority of life contains the essential amino acid ‘tryptophan ‘ and the enzyme that turns it into DMT known as INMT.  As much as this crystalline compound appears within life on Earth, its primary function has not been determined (although I will present a theory later on in the article).  It can be extracted and synthesized from many plants and is considered a psychedelic drug/highly illegal.  This is very hypocritical because humans produce it every night in deep REM sleep, and we essentially are all ‘criminals’.

When inhaled (smoked) or consumed (ayahuasca), it can produce a profound effect unlike any other psychedelic substance, seemingly sending the user into another dimension and allowing the user to converse with higher dimensional entities/experience a more full perception of reality.  Sounds like something we’ve been studying doesn’t it?  One thing to keep in mind is that when our bodies are under stress that may result in death, our pineal glands pump our brains with DMT!  This may explain the reason we see a supernatural light/paranormal experiences, or seemingly astral project when we have a ‘near death experience’.  That also makes one wonder, do we astral project when we die?  We’ll get back to this!

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep Paralysis is the state in which your mind is awake and your body is asleep.  There are two instances in which this is experienced; the first when a person is about to go to sleep because their mind is active but their bodies turn off due to immobility, the second is right before waking in which the mind awakens prematurely in REM sleep but the body is not yet done it’s cycle.

One can be sitting there, wide awake, but not able to move one limb.  It is as if you have a heavy, lead blanket covering you.  The only thing the mind can influence is eye in this state is eye movements and breathing patterns, which is the secret to controlling this experience (we’ll get to that a bit later as well).  It is common and can be experienced by 20%-60% depending on the population examined.  It is usually a result of anxiety disorders or stress, but this is only because of the fact that when you are in those mind states your mind is constantly going.

Here’s where it gets interesting; when in sleep paralysis, your brain thinks you are asleep, so it releases DMT in order to dream.  As we’ve already stated in the above paragraph, this results in a psychedelic experience, and may result in astral projection.  But, while this is happening, you can’t move!  This probably will increase fear and panic, and these emotions will manifest in the experience.  Let’s talk about what happens at this point.

Demons? Aliens? Ghosts?  (Oh my!)

Many people have reported seeing evil beings holding them down, standing/sitting on their chest or scaring them during sleep paralysis.  This in particular is a big fear for many who want to experience astral projection, so let’s clear up a few things.  Introducing OBE’s explains that you experience an astral density based on your current frequency or aura.  This also applies to sleep paralysis, so if you are experiencing negative entities, then you should take measures to raise your frequency (meditation, acting out of compassion, living from the heart).

It also matters what you believe or expect from sleep paralysis, because this may also manifest the experience you expect.  If you emit fear, then beings who feed on fear will appear before you.  This is why teachers of astral projection tell their students that they will never see anything negative, because then the student will expect nothing negative and have no fear.  No matter how powerful the entity, nothing can enter you without your permission, and this applies to your shields as well.  If you use the techniques properly in Exploring Without Fear before you go to bed every night, you will never experience a negative entity during sleep paralysis.

Anaesthetics; Feeling Every Moment

Sleep Paralysis can also be experienced under anaesthetics.  If you have ever gone into surgery, you may have had this dreadful experience, and I feel very sorry for you.  In modern medicine, in order to operate on patients, doctors will give you a substance that knocks us out so that you don’t feel pain while being operated on.

What doctors don’t know is that these substances can only truly knock out the body, and the mind can break through the threshold of consciousness.  If you’ve ever heard of those freak surgeries where people are under anaesthetics and can’t move their bodies but they are wide awake, can hear everything, and feel EVERYTHING, I want to confirm that these experiences are true.  This is a form of sleep paralysis.  In these instances, it is also possible to astral project because of the amount of stress the mind is under.  It almost serves as an emergency switch to get you to safety.

I want to tell you a story of a good friend of mine named Sarah who had a lot of spiritual talent at a young age.  One day she went to the hospital for an operation that required her to be opened up, so she was given an anaesthetic and went under.  She was waiting for it to kick in and just began to day dream.  After awhile, she realized that she was still conscious, but then started to feel the surgeons prepping and getting her body ready for lacerations.  Then, they began operating.  She felt every moment of excruciating pain, and couldn’t express it physically.  But she eventually noticed something different.

She couldn’t breathe; she felt her airway being pushed up against.  Sarah panicked, and then suddenly left her body.  She could see her own body and the surgeons operating on it.  Out of instinct, she phased through the wall and found her father, who was asleep.  Sarah began to yell to him what had happened to her in the operating room, and he suddenly woke up.  He burst into the operating room and told the doctors to stop operating, that they were cutting her airway off.  Her father saved her life because she went out of body.

As you can see, OBE’s can be used as a safety mechanism as well as a tool for exploration.


Comas usually occur due to a brain trauma that knocks someone unconscious and doesn’t reboot.  At this point, the brain may take this situation as a near death experience, and as we said before the brain releases a large amount of DMT when under this sort of stress.  The brain may expect the body to not be functional anymore, so the release of DMT may be to push our consciousness out expecting it not to return.

Comas can be a result of our consciousness accidently leaving our bodies and not understanding how to get back to them.  Many have theorized that comas put people in a sort of Limbo, in which time is almost at a standstill and the environment seems almost melancholy.  This may describe the Real-Time Zone, an experience between the third and fourth dimensional planes described in Introducing OBE’s.  It is also possible that people become trapped in their Inner Sanctuary, in a constant lucid dream like state.  It may even be possible that some people in comatose are in an experience similar to sleep paralysis, conscious and in the body but not able to move.  If any of these are true, it could lead to many other conclusions about consciousness and how it interacts with everything.  I’ll leave that up to all of you.

DMT; A Crystalline Structure

Pure DMT Crystal
I will be going into this subject a lot more in the future to thoroughly explain what crystals actually do, but I will give a small explanation now as it is relevant.  What a crystal actually does is alter and amplify vibrations.  This can mean a variety of things depending on the mathematics of the structure, as each structure is unique.

It’s just like how white light will change into the full color spectrum after passing through a prism; the light bounces off the walls of the prism in a specific geometric way that alters its appearance.  Light is information, so it essentially alters the information being passed through the crystal.  All crystals use this same concept depending on their geometry, and that’s why different crystals have different effects.  DMT has a crystalline structure, and from what has been gathered about experiences related to it, I think we can conclude that DMT amplifies and expands our consciousness to multiple levels of reality so that we can explore these “invisible worlds”.

Intentional Sleep Paralysis

Getting into this state can be troublesome depending on the person.  Some people may just fall asleep, and others will be scared to go through with it.  It’s all a matter of practise and getting comfortable.  First, ground and shield yourself.  This way you know that nothing will harm you and nothing will happen unexpected.  Try this at a time when you are not tired, preferably in the morning or afternoon.  You can do a small meditation to get yourself focussed.  Lay down in a face up position and get comfortable, because you’re going to be in this position for a long time.  In your head, count down from 120, then 60, then 30.

You may begin to feel numb in your fingers and possibly your legs.  Remind yourself every so often that your mind is awake, keep it going with thoughts but DON’T drift off in a daydream.  Once you feel your body getting heavy, almost like it’s sinking into the bed or surface you are laying on, you’ll know that your body is shutting off.  Keep regular breathing.  Now, there’s a bit of a trial your brain puts you through to test that you are asleep.  It gives you intense feelings to roll over or change positions and may even make you itch in certain places at random.  IGNORE THESE URGES.  Do not move whatever you do.  Eventually, these urges will subside and you will feel as though a led blanket is laying over you.  Do not panic, just keep calm.

If you really wish to stop the paralysis, just change your breathing patterns from fast to slow, fast to slow, and you will eventually be able to move.  Now, this is the last stretch.  At this point, you essentially wait for the DMT to be released in your brain.  This may take indefinitely long depending on the person, but it will come.  You will start to feel like you are levitating or hear a vibration.  If you feel like you are levitating, you have to just visualize yourself getting up and walking away from your body.  If you hear the vibration, you have to consciously will it to rise in frequency, making it as high as possible until you hear a crashing noise.  Then, pull yourself out through your solar plexus.  It will feel like you are getting vacuumed out of your body.

A good technique to supplement this is to try this really thirsty, put a glass of water in your general proximity, and visualizing yourself going to get the water to drink it.  This will express your intentions and desires a lot clearer and can assist in getting you out of body.  The last thing to remember is to CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS.  Too much emotion changes your breathing, and this will take you out of sleep paralysis.

So that’s it.  You now know the basics of how to Astral Project.  If you are still having trouble, you should check out the YouTube series, ‘Lucidology 101’, as it teaches many in-depth, advanced techniques to use.  Thank you all for reading, and happy travelling!

Written by Ryan Boyd.  If you have any questions you would like to ask him about the article, you can email him at