Tuesday, March 17, 2015

9:56 AM
Let’s face it, times have changed!  Although not always for the better, one thing is certain, things will continue to change and it is up to us to ensure it does not change for the worse.

There was a time where we did things because it was fun, not because we wanted recognition from strangers! We spent quality time with family and friends in person and not via social media.  Food used to be Organic but is now Genetically Modified and full of pesticides! What will our kids say one day when they are grownups?

Here are 14 extremely relevant then vs. now comparisons.

1. Sharing can get you in trouble

2. Why did we have to grow up.
Credits: distractyourself.com

3. The way we share our vacation photos has changed forever.
Credits: twentytwowords.com

4. Look everyone, I am so cool!
Credits: Robbie Meriales | Right-Brain Cartoons

5. Facebook’s fault! Or is it?

6. In the middle ages.

7. Playing with friends.

8. It does not have to be like this!

9. Texting has taken over our lives
Credits: endlessorigami.com

10. That is called tough life!

11. How they make movies these days.

12. Yup, they make em this small these days!

13. Do we really need to replace everything with one device?

14. How things size up