Sunday, February 15, 2015

9:26 AM
Photo Credits: Christian Berthelot

After seeing his son for the first time, the photographer Christian Berthelot had the idea to portrait some newborn babies just a few seconds after birth.  The results are some of the most miraculous photos ever taken.

The consequent series, “Cesar”, shows us a series of children different from the photos we are used to, in fact they are covered of blood and other substances, “like warriors who had just won their first battles”, as the author said.

All the children showed in these pictures experienced a Cesarean section, like the title suggests, and like the photographer’s son, his source of inspiration for this project.

CESAR will be shown in France during the Festival Circulations’ Festival Circulation (s) Exhibition from January 24 to March 8, 2015 in Paris.  Visit here for more information on the festival.

These photos really capture how innocent and fragile life really is.  It’s such a miracle to be alive:

Romane – born 20/05/2014, 10h51
2kg 935 – 8 seconds of life

Kevin – born 27/12/2013, 10h36
4kg 366 – 13 seconds of life

Louann – born 12/04/2013, 8h40
3kg 574 – 14 seconds of life

Steven – born 21/12/2013, 16h31
2kg 425 – 15 seconds of life

Léanne – born 08/04/2014, 8h31
 1kg 745 – 13 seconds of life

Lize – born 24/12/2013, 8h49
 3kg 574 – 9 seconds of life

Liza – born 26/02/2013, 8h45
3kg 200 – 3 seconds of life

Maël – born 13/12/2013, 16h52
2kg 800 – 18 seconds of life

Photo Credits: Christian Berthelot