Friday, January 27, 2023

12:14 AM

 Agree that many services that allow us to remain handsome and beauties are excellent at ruining. Therefore, often people decide to save money and arrange a beauty salon right at home. Today we have collected for you those cases when people refused to go to the hairdresser and decided to dye their hair themselves. And everything would be fine if it were not for one BUT - for each of them at one fine moment something did not go according to plan.

“Thanks to social media for reminding me of the time when I accidentally dyed my hair tangerine and then dressed like this fruit net.”


"It's better to shave your head than all this"


“The same case when the bottom of the paint bottle turned out to be with a hole”


"I will sue the manufacturer for labelling this box of hair dye as DARK BROWN"


Dark blue you say?


“Every time I dye my hair, I manage to get paint all over my hands.”


A little face paint wouldn't hurt either!


The main thing is to stay positive even in the most desperate situation!


How are things in college?

Great, my roommate just turned into a Smurf...

“Are you kidding me? How did the brown dye in my hair suddenly turn blue?”


"Now call me Carrie"


"Carrie" is a 1976 horror film where the main character is a quiet and shy girl who decided to take revenge on all her offenders.

This is what happens if you dye your hair without gloves


“Girls, remember! NEVER dye your hair before you go camping."


“Will someone explain to me how my brown hair turned black after I dyed it red?”


Like a scene from a horror movie


Nothing criminal, just a little incident with red hair dye.

“My first workout after colouring my hair. It’s good that I didn’t go to the hall! ”