Wednesday, August 5, 2020

7:24 AM
All life is relationships and navigating those relationships, while our relationships with people are really important and some of the most common ones we need to handle. We also have relationships with all things in life. You have relationships with food, time, work, and also money. Just like you can have a bad relationship with people, you can have negative or toxic relationships with these other topics as well. Resolving and improving your relationship with money can make a huge difference in your life.

Notice the Gut Check 

When talking about buying something and it sounds too expensive for you, we usually feel that gut check feeling. Pay attention to that feeling. That is your body telling you where your relationship with money lies. Now this feeling isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t necessarily wrong when you feel it either. Pay attention when you feel it and look at the situation objectively and ask “is the value this purchase brings worth as much as it costs” you may find that your initial feelings are a bit off sometimes compared to reality. Most people feel fine about spending money on some issues but the same amount on some other expense maybe more or less needed spending may be more painful. Many men have problems spending on clothes when they need it and many women have a hard time on spending on broken items/repairs.  

Review what you spend on 

Review your budget and pay close attention to where your money is going. A common occurrence is that people figure out their budget and they see that they have no problem spending $30 in a night for eating out which only lasts for a night. Spending that same amount for a pair of shoes may not feel necessary but that is a purchase that would last for months for the same amount. Looking thoroughly over your money will tell you where you don’t have a problem spending your money. You should pay attention to your debts. It would be a great idea to consolidate your debts with a personal loan to get control where the money is going. 

Define what is truly valuable to you 

Try your best to outline on paper after you have paid attention to your gut and to the on-paper data. You should figure out where you hold value in your spending and then deliberately choose how you want to spend your money. Once you have a deliberate and intentional mindset about towards your spending then you will become powerful in your spending.