Tuesday, November 26, 2019

10:25 PM
If black cats are bad luck then I'm ready to get all the bad luck in the world! Superstition is really dumb, having access to education used to be a rare commodity once upon a time, which is why people spent most of their time making up stuff that doesn't even make any sense.  

If you're still not sure about black cats, why don't you try spending some quality time with one of them, I promise you that you will want to keep it forever after that. All cats are great, hating a certain kind because of the colour of its fur is the most ridiculous thing ever. 

 1. First of all, they are really cute 

 2. They look so majestic in pictures 

3. They're very affectionate 

4. They're constantly in a good mood
5. They're too goofy 

6. They get along with all cat breeds 

7. Your other pets will love them! 

8. They will give unconditional love to your other pets 

9. They're very majestic and fancy 

10. They love dressing up in cute costumes 

11. They can also be very fluffy 

12. They will give you all the attention in the world 

13. Their eyes are just really mesmerizing 

14. They will bring so much joy into your life
 15. You will be able to stare at this cute little face every single day 

16. So you should definitely get a black cat 

17. Adopting them will be the best decision you will ever make 
Source: Catsoncatnip.co