Monday, October 2, 2017

11:33 PM
This terrible story happened in India. A Monkey Stole some food from local marketplace and it was caught and was punished the way that makes no sense. This poor animal only wanted to feed himself but no one in the town cared about it.  

Instead of helping the poor ape, they decided to tie up him. I can’t believe to my eyes, I’m really in shock. How could they be so cruel to him? Look at the picture, its feet and arms were bound and he was left in the middle of town for people to jeer at.  

Those who act so cruel and abuse animals should be punished. I’m tired of hearing cruel stories like that, why can’t people just be more human and peaceful? No, animal should ever experience sort of punishment.  

Please Share this story to animals lovers to spreed awareness as well. We all should realize that animals are living creatures who need to be loved and cared. 

Via : Nature Knows