Saturday, July 11, 2015

12:31 AM
Doctors constantly emphasize the importance of the massage and self massage. Self- massaging provides us with benefits from the healing gift, with, within and throughout ourselves.

Various beneficial effects

Massaging has various positive effects on the health. As a result of massage, the subcutaneous adipose tissue and fat are removed, the secretion is removed from the sebaceous and sweat glands, blood circulation is improved, the metabolism is strengthened, in fact, the flow of nutrients in the tissues is accelerated, the oxidation of the tissues is improved and the lymph swelling disappears. This results in a stronger tone of the skin, it looks healthier, becomes more elastic and has a younger look.

Furthermore, the massage motivates and alleviates the digestion.

The pose and look affect the condition of the muscles which move our body to a high extent.
The massage affects the feet by stretching them, so they decrease, and then become stronger. At the same time, they become more relaxed, because the massage removes the milk acid sediment which often times leads to cramps and pain in the muscles.

Massage is a real additional aid, but is also one of the ways to heal certain health conditions. If you already suffer from a certain disease, you can heal yourself by making use of the benefits of the massage.

It is known that with massage and pressure of certain feet parts, different organ diseases can be healed, and pain could be decreased. It is advisable to massage your feet before you go to sleep, and we recommend that you practice this on a daily basis. The massaging should last from 10 to 15 minutes.

So, make your habit to pressure i.e. massage the painful spot on your body, or even better, massage the entire foot and you will feel the improvement of the entire organism.

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